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Career Based Intervention (CBI)

Tom McBride
  Instructor: Tom McBride

  We believe all students have the ability to learn, to establish a career plan, and to carryout their career path to gain success in their lives. Career
  Based Intervention Programs are designed to assist students who possess barriers to career and academic success to establish a career path by
  using worked based learning experiences and gaining competencies to achieve a successful path to career options and post secondary training.

  CBI is based on establishing key principles of higher expectations, studying the common curriculum of the school, and providing authentic learning opportunities for at risk students. Career Based Intervention is a one or two year program designed to introduce the student to the work force. Students will learn dynamics of job-search, employability factors, on-the-job relations, and job-oriented bookkeeping skills. Students will be expected to work part-time or full-time at a job site with a portion of the school day structured for such activity.

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