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Job Training Coordination

JTC - Job Training Coordination

Program Overview: 

Lake Middle High School’s Job Training Coordination program is a two-year, with the option to turn it into a four-year, career technical program starting in the junior year of high school. Job Training Coordination will assist students in solidifying a transition plan and allow for the exploration into various career possibilities. As a class requirement, students volunteer and work in the community, learning employability skills and daily living skills. Students are also encouraged to find employment during their senior year and apply their evaluations at work for a grade in class. The staff works with adult service agencies and families to ensure the student exits high school with supports in the community to enter life after graduation with needed connections. 

Program Philosophy: 

The Job Training Coordination program believes that all students, regardless of their disability, are able to be successfully employed in an entry level competitive employment setting that matches their ability level and interests. The Job Training Coordination program is essential in assisting students to gain necessary and authentic experiences from life skills to employability skills prior to ever leaving high school in order to maximize the success for the student as they transition into the next phase of their life. The Job Training Coordination program is believed to help students better understand their strengths and weaknesses within their transition goals, provide an opportunity to practice necessary employability soft skills, ensure exposure and practice of basic life skills necessary to become independent, and to create realistic future goals for themselves in order to be successful in competitive employment after high school.